Hike 4 Better Hearing 2016

Blue skies, puffy clouds and ideal late summer temperatures welcomed the 2016 Fisher Foundation Hike 4 Better Hearing. Held at Highland Park’s Larry Fink Park Saturday morning September 27, the third annual event drew more than 100 attendees, with over half participating in the 5K walk-run. With the help of a long list of generous sponsors, over $20,000 was raised for the Foundation’s charity activities, which was more than was collected for previous hikes. The Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care helped 6 patients in the last year and expects to help more in the coming year, in addition to its goal of raising awareness for hearing health care. This year’s Hike also featured the first-ever Technology Showcase put on by the five major hearing aid manufacturers, Siemens/Signa, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, and Widex. Consumers on hand were given a never-before-offered opportunity to experience all the most advanced hearing aid technology in one place, at one time.

The Foundation was also joined by a few very special guests: young Brannon Moran, his sister, and his mother. Brannon recently received chemotherapy for a brain tumor, which left him unable to hear. After hearing Brannon’s story, the Fisher Foundation provided him a set of free state-of-the-art hearing aids. The crowd at the Hike was lucky enough to see him run and play, and even got the chance to hear Brannon’s mom speak about their experience.

2016 Hikers!

Dr. Ronna Fisher greets the crowd

Brannon Moran with his mom, Kristin, and sister

Hiking for a cause

Hike 4 Better Hearing 2015

The Fisher Foundation’s 2nd Hike 4 Better Hearing took place on Saturday, August 29 at the Danada Forest Preserve in Wheaton. Though it was a rainy day, it didn’t dampen the group’s spirit!

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors, donors, and participants who contributed to our second Hike 4 Better Hearing!

Dr. Fisher greets a long-time patient

Running the path!

Family fun!

2015 Hike Participants

First Hike 4 Better Hearing

The Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care held its first Hike 4 Better Hearing on September 20, 2014!

The Hike raised $15,000 and enabled six people and their extended families to be reunited once again.

In addition, the Hike brought hearing health awareness to dozens of communities, facilities, and health care professionals. Reggie Smith, former NFL player and vice president of the Chicago chapter of the NFL Players Association, showed his support by joining the cause with his family.

Dr. Ronna Fisher with Highland Park Mayor, Nancy Rotering

2014 Hike 4 Better Hearing Participants