homepicDr. Ronna Fisher, Au.D., founded Hearing Health Center in 1984 because of her personal experience with her father who had significant hearing problems. It affected his life and the lives of his spouse, children, friends and co-workers.

“For 30 years my mission has been to make a difference in peoples’ lives by reconnecting them with their families and friends.   It breaks my heart every time someone tells me they missed the punch line of a joke, stopped going to the theater and restaurants, and no longer attend religious services because they don’t hear clearly. All over the world, spending time and sharing with family and friends is what gives us the greatest joy and happiness. Misunderstanding and not hearing what is said makes us feel alone and isolated. Everyone should be able to hear the voices of those they love and care about. Money should not be a reason why someone cannot hear.”

Dr. Fisher established The Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care in 2008 to provide hearing health care to those who cannot afford treatment. Since then, the Fisher Foundation has been providing hearing aids, as well as our professional time and services to patients, conducting community seminars to promote hearing awareness, and donating ear protection to our troops.

Research has proven that the ability to hear directly affects physical, emotional, social and cognitive well being. Unfortunately, people are often unaware of the devastating consequences of untreated hearing problems. Therefore, it is essential to raise awareness about the importance of regular hearing checkups. Like cholesterol, blood pressure and colonoscopies, early detection and treatment are critical and can be lifesaving.


  • Untreated hearing and clarity problems cause memory loss, unsteadiness, increased likelihood of falling, cognitive decline and loss of brain tissue.
  • 83% of Alzheimer’s patients have untreated hearing problems.
  • 60% of people experiencing hearing and clarity problems are still working.
  • Every other person over the age of 50 has hearing difficulties that interferes with their work and impacts the relationships with their friends and family.

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