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Apply for the Fisher Foundation

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying with the Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care for hearing aid assistance. We are a 501c3 not for profit organization which raises funds to enhance the quality of lives for people with hearing challenges. Our goal is to provide hearing aids to those who meet the criteria for assistance. The program is designed to assist those who have no other resource available to them. Fisher Foundation is a program of last resort. Other options for assistance include: family support, insurance, state Medicaid program, vocational rehabilitation, school district, church groups, and state or local programs.

Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care considers all assets when assessing eligibility of applications. Including, money market accounts, mutual funds, 401(k) plans, IRAs, CDs (certificates of deposit), checking/savings accounts, stocks, bonds, T-bills or property. Only those who fall within the program guidelines for income, assets and hearing loss can be considered for assistance.

As part of our process, you must first agree to apply for a medical credit card through Wells Fargo or Care Credit. We can assist you with this process. If denied, we will proceed with assessing eligibility through the Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care. If approved, you will receive the hearing aids at no cost. However, a nonrefundable professional fee of $250.00 will be charged.

We hope you understand our mission, which is to enhance the quality of life through better hearing to those in need.

Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care reserves the discretionary right to modify any of its policies and procedures without notice. Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, or military status in its selection process.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must have a hearing loss that requires amplification (hearing aids): children with a mild or greater hearing loss, and adults with a moderate or greater hearing loss.
  • Applicant has no other resources available. Other resources include, but are not limited to: insurance, state Medicaid program, VA or vocational rehab, state or locally provided/funded programs, other charity sources, denied financing to pay for hearing aids.
  • Applicant must complete an application form and provide a current audiogram.
  • Children 18 years and younger must have medical clearance dated within the last 6 months signed by a physician (MD, ENT). While medical clearance is encouraged for adults, a signed medical waiver is acceptable.
  • Applicant must have an income level which does not allow the family to receive public support – see specific income eligibility requirements. Total household income must be at or below the chart provided to qualify and demonstrate personal inability to financially provide for hearing health.
  • Applicant must possess a family commitment to intervention, rehabilitation, and necessary follow-up services, which is especially important for a child applicant as they grow.
  • Applicant must be a resident or citizen of the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Note: Repeat adult applicants will not be considered if they received hearing aids through the Foundation within 5 years of the new application submission. Child applicants will be considered every 3 years, if family still fits the criteria. Repeat applicants must submit a new application.

You will receive notification by mail within 4 weeks if your application has been approved or denied services.  For more details on the process, refer to or if you have other questions about your eligibility, please call 312-465-4155

Loss or Damage

  • For children, 18 years and younger, if a hearing aid is lost or damaged within 2 years of receipt from the Foundation, a notarized letter detailing the situation must be presented to the Foundation to replace the hearing aid. The Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care will not replace a hearing aid due to loss more than once in lifetime. For adults, there will be no replacement for loss or damage.
  • Repair of hearing aids of any kind is not covered by Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care.
  • Provided proper care and maintenance of the earmold and hearing aid(s) have been taken as instructed, the Foundation will provide new ear mold(s) for children only based on their changing need. Up to one time every 3 years, or 2 times total, whichever comes first.

Application Process

First, please download and print out the PDF application using the link below.

After completing the application, you can upload it along with supporting documents and your details using the form at the bottom of this page or you can mail these items to:

Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care
c/o Hearing Health Center
142 E. Ontario St., Chicago, IL 60611

Thank you for your application.


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