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Our Story

Dr. Ronna Fisher, Au.D. founded Hearing Health Center in 1984 because of her personal experience with her father who had significant hearing problems. It affected his life and the lives of his spouse, children, friends and co-workers:

“For 30 years my mission has been to make a difference in peoples’ lives by reconnecting them with their families and friends. It breaks my heart every time someone tells me they missed the punch line of a joke, stopped going to the theater, restaurants, or religious services, and do not attend functions with family and friends because they miss parts of conversations and can’t communicate effectively. Spending time and sharing with family and friends is what gives us the greatest joy and happiness. Misunderstanding and not hearing clearly makes, us feel alone and isolated. The words of those you love and care about are precious. They should never be missed.”

After 20 years in practice, Dr. Fisher was well aware that hearing services and treatment were unavailable to many of her patients. In 2005, she started the Fisher Foundation for Hearing Health Care, which provides hearing services and hearing aids to those of all ages unable to afford hearing care.

Chemo and radiation treatment causes permanent hearing damage in 70% of patients. Children are in the prime of their learning life. Immediate treatment with hearing aids is critical before speech patterns change, learning delays set in, and loss of friends and socialization are affected. Families are often financially devastated and have nowhere to turn for help.

It is a priority of the Fisher Foundation to assist the children and families who have endured the heartbreaking struggles and challenges of cancer.

What We Do
What We Do
What We Do

Help us change the life of a child with cancer.

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